Hermès will create a phygital experience by making their windows come to life in a digital display of their newest runway collection. Hermès will create window displays in their flagship locations, showcasing portals hidden by a curtain with a giant countdown clock above it. Customers will pass by and see the countdown clock a month before the launch of the Digital runway, building up hype and anticipation to see what’s behind the curtain. The curtain will pull back on launch day to show the digital runway. This will be an animated scene of the artistic Hermès windows coming to life while showcasing the newest Hermès collection. The garments will be shown as realistic pieces hung on animated figures. The world around the clothing will showcase the Heritage of the brand while being modern and creative. The video will simultaneously drop on social platforms on the Hermes e-commerce platform and have a physical showing inside the store for invited fashion, editors, and industry people, which will differ by city. The event will be live-streamed to gain the attention of younger viewers. Smaller items and accessories can be purchased through a live stream while the event is happening.
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