What is it
"The Paris Market is a two-level store chockablock with whimsical and unforgettable treasures, both modern and vintage, many of them from France. The shop also features a cheerful café that serves coffee, espresso, wine, and fresh pastries and sandwiches. Objets in the store include special gifts such as hand-crafted jewelry and French-milled soaps, as well as 18th-century furniture and custom-made lighting. Tables are set with all the accouterments for the perfect dinner party, while there are charming nooks for children, chefs, and readers. Southern Living magazine recently named The Paris Market “the South’s Best Shop” stating: “Like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, prepare to get lost in a wonderland of the most incredible goods.”
What I do 
Populate SEO and E-commerce data. Direct shipping department. Inventory Manager. Tik-Tok content creator. Increased sales by 58% through populating SEO and adding Products. ​​​​​​​Worked alongside visual merchandising manager in display design and merchandise arrangement. Assisted in clientele generation through customer engagement. Constructs store window displays.
Window Display Construction 
Website Layout, Product Descriptions, Data metrics, SEO  
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